Advancing Posts

The Chief Wiseacre writes about later-life adventures on the uncharted waters of professional meandering, financial brinksmanship, athletic exploration, and pandemic improvisation. The Times Union website hosts these musings, which show up once or twice a month, more or less. Further explanation at Introducing Advancing: Getting Along With Life.

2020 Posts

Sleeping With the Enemy: Sex and Consulting
Everybody talks about sex and the workplace, and a few people do something about it. But there’s much less buzz about one of the more obvious arenas of lust potential: the consultant-client relationship.

Back to the Roots
Is tha long gray line driving you crazy? Let it go. Permanently. I share my hair uncolorng story along with a few humiliating photographs.

How to Do Your Home Work
OK, newbies, get out of your PJs! Take it from someone who’s been working at home for nearly 30 years: Your home office is more about office than home. Get dressed! Put on your jeans!

Hey You Virus! I’m Taking the Gloves Off!
Today’s trip to the supermarket puts our not-so-brave new world in granular perspective.

Fear of Flying Solo
Public speaking falls head of death on the American fear list, but public entrance all by yourself at a fancy-dress event has got to be in the Top 10.

Running Is My Boyfriend. Golf Is My Crush.
Reliable, consistent, no drama. What more could you want from a relationship? Occasional thrills, that’s what. That’s why I resisted running for so many years.